Different OPK results

Megan • Loving our little rainbow baby 💙
So I just wanted to ask you ladies which OPK brands you trust the most. I was using Answer and Target brand strips to try and track things after my MC back in January but I always seemed to get negatives. Most of the time I would get only one line or sometimes the test line would appear, but be pretty faint. So I decided to splurge and get the ClearBlue digitals today. I come home and take one and what do you know, it's positive! Hubby and I did the deed this past Sunday and last night since h
e went out of town this morning and won't be back till Saturday night. So what I'm asking is do I trust the ClearBlue? It gave me the smiley and when I took the strip out, one line was a lot lighter than the other. And the strip is a Target brand strip I took this morning. What do you ladies think?