Nuva ring and mirena causing infertility

I've never had issues conceiving. I've always had a regular cycle. I have 2 sons and had a healthy baby boy that passed from a car accident at 22 weeks pregnant. My youngest is almost two. After having him I had mirena put in. It turned side ways and started falling out. I had it in for three weeks. My ob said my body rejected it and suggested nuva ring. I gave it a try. The first one made me feel like I was being burned. Then my period last 28 days, stopped for 3, then continues for 16 days. I haven't had it in for a few months, I'm still getting heavy periods, with clotting and it's extremely painful. Even when I don't have my period I get cramps and lower back pain. My ob retired and a new one can't see me for a while because she's been seeing so many women. Has any one else experienced this? I've been ttc for 3 months with no luck. Even with tracking ovulation.