Rant about nurse

Rosalie • Raiden Theory due 9/10/15 and came 9/6/15 instagram.com/rosaliesjourney
I am a mom for the 3rd time. I am very in tune with my body. I am now 15 weeks + 5 days. I have felt baby moving since 9 weeks. It had been stronger feelings than flutters. I could of sworn I felt baby do a summersault yesterday and it freaked me out. Today I have been having sharp lower back pain and baby not moving as much as normal. I called my doctor and the nurse called me back since I wanted to make an appointment. I explained my concerns and she immediately dismissed that the baby couldn't be moving do soon. It really got on my nerves. I know my body and the difference between gas and a baby moving inside of me. Even during my last ultrasound I was able to settle my mind and confirmed what I was feeling as I watched baby moving as a felt it.