Morning sickness grocery shopping

Jessica • Married to my main squeeze for five years. Momma to two feisty girls (8 months & 4years).
I'm 11 weeks on Friday. I finally ventured to the grocery today for myself for the first time in four weeks. My husband has been trying but has yet to get me anything that I can snack on to fight off the sickness. I felt that I should share my bounty to give everyone else ideas:
Caramel dip
Pre-made Apple Waldorf salad
Store-made soups
Veggie chips
Fruit roll ups - I've see. Others post this so I wanted some :)
Pops tarts - my sister-in-law craved these so I figured I'll throw them in
Cottage cheese
Good luck! I'm hoping this MS fades because I only have 2 weeks left in this trimester