DH didn't meet baby

britt • mommy to one preemie on earth and three angels in heaven and finally got my rainbow baby :}
My DH is in the police academy and the day I delivered my baby girl I was able to spend time with her even though she was already gone, and he was suppose to get out at 2:30 that day and I waited and waited. He had oc spray training and shooting training that day and it's common for them to get out at different times. I was supposedly discharge at 10am which I never signed any forms or was known for it. He was my ride home since I was still under anesthesia, and as time went on they kept asking if he was coming, one nurse asked "He doesn't want to see the baby? Is that why he's not here?" and another "Do you guys have a good relationship? Where is he" I've felt so disrespected. All I wanted to do was let him meet her and say goodbye before I left. So as 4:30 approached the head nurse in charges come and asks me for my address to send a cab to pick me up and take me home. I honestly felt like they were kicking me out the door since I got out of the OR. I got into an argument with her and told her it wasn't right for what she's doing, I ran into the bathroom and screamed and cried and she tried to hug me and I pushed her away. She said okay I will give him a hour to get here and if not you have to go. At first she said for me to wait downstairs in the lobby entrance while he came here. I felt so uncomfortable, I held my daughter for a hour, cried and said good bye to her and I walked out the hospital and drove home. Now I feel like he doesn't have a connection, or any feelings towards her. He did cry when he came to see me, he couldn't stay because no one to watch LO..  Is this something I can report?