Is it cancer??

I'm finally going to the doctor about these pains in my legs. It started about a year ago when I felt a lump right under my knee. I went to the doctor but she said that it just could be muscle spasm. So I left it alone and it went away for a while. Now there's some pain in both of my legs but no lumps. The pain isn't bad but enough to know that something could be wrong. I'm 24 and I'm scared it could be bone cancer. The pain is on and off. It doesn't hurt when I'm moving around only when I'm still and sometimes my left leg will go a little weak but I won't fall maybe stumble a bit. What are your opinions. I just want to hear what yall think and if you knew someone who had bone cancer. I'm also overweight so idk if that could be a problem too. I'm terrified I may have to get them amputated. Please help I'm freaking out.