What a night

?Chef Cara? • Currently cook for a fine dining restaurant in Traverse City. Single, 27, chef, would love to be a mom someday.
Last night I went out with my cousin's baby's mother last night. It was her birthday and her and her daughter made a surprise visit from Denver. Anyway we started drinking before going to the club and by the end of the night we were wasted. I think more so me than them because I had drank dark and light. I was dropped off last night and I just had got off the phone and didn't notice it fell. So when I woke up I was looking for my phone all over the house knowing I only walked through the kitchen and went straight downstairs. I just so happened to look outside and in the street and there lies my phone. I rush out to get it like I just lost my best friend. This is the ending result. I laugh about it now because I just can't believe I did that. I was already planning to get a new phone soon but not this soon. R.I.P phone