Mom's Diaper Bag

So our hospital tour isnt until april 7 th im due april 22 nd . Im currently 36 + 2 days pregnant 
I chose a couple of socks, beanies, mittens, and onesies for my baby but havent washed them yet . 
Tonight I bought myself this sort of night gown its a soft button up shirt with some comfy shorts that come with it, I already had bought some slippers as well. 
I know people say the hospital provides you with underwear and pads but I was wondering can you bring your own underwear and pads in case you dont like theirs ? What else would I need ? Phone , phone charger, deodorant, shampoo. money and / or snacks . ? 
Also for baby should I bring along baby wipes and diapers? I know people also say the hospital provides with that but did anyone take your own diapers and wipes just in case ? 
Sorry for all the questions i'm a first time mommy ! I will be sure to ask at the hospital tour or ask the nurses on the day of the tour .