Braxton Hicks and Sciatica Nerve Issues

Megan • 28 yearѕ old. мoммy тo jordan 8 yrѕ old💚 and мaттeo 6 yrѕ old💙wιғe тo мaттнew 4.26.13💍oυr aleхιѕ мae dυe 6.16.15 🎀
Anyone else suffering from both of these? If you are what kinds of things help you? I'm 29-30 weeks with baby #3 due between June 6th-16th and I have been miserable the last 3-4 days. Doctor told me to take it easy and bed rest and lay down but with an 8&6 yr old running around that's damn near impossible. Just curious what other people do for it and if maybe they would help me suffer alittle less. It's been making me emotionally exhausted and feel depressed knowing I have shot 10 weeks left and this will only get worse :(