Do They Just Want To Know Or ......

Do you guys think they " just want to know " when we leave or they want to know so they can come with us ? 
It's almost time for me to be due so tonight my mom noticed me take our babys diaper bag into my room and leave the car seat set up and she says to me " if you start feeling bad come in and let us know if youre going to leave " I didnt answer and she was like " okay ?!" And I said okay in a low annoyed voice. 
knowing my mom , I know for a fact shes stubborn on going with my husband and I but I already told her no many times . It's like she doesnt seem to understand. I'm guessing she thinks that in the moment i'll magically change my mind um NO ✋ 
Whats the point of having a crowd if they cant do shit for you but watch 👀  its not like if they can take the pain away for you -.- plus I dont want anyone looking besides the doctor, nurses, and my husband . She was even talking about not going to church on the weekend because the baby might come like go to freaken church its not like youre coming with us anyways and also its not like ima pop my baby out in 30 minuets I sware nothing annoys me more than people trying to be involved in this . 
My husband and I made this baby , therefore no one else but us is making decisions here ! I seriously don't understand like she already had ber own damn kids (which she didn't even take care of my siblings or I ) Your turn is over now let me have mine and butt out , thank you 😒 
God I sware , how the hell do I make this woman understand!!!!!! 

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