I give.

35, almost 36. TTC for 11 months now. I give, I give. I'm done. The last 11 months have been a roller coaster of false symptoms, and this last one just got me. I had thought there wasn't much of a chance, because I was out of town until halfway through my fertile week. But, I was holding my sisters newborn while I was gone, and thought just maybe my body would realize what it needed to do! I got home, bd'd like crazy and started spotting super early. Told myself not to get excited but I did anyway. And today... the day I had to attend the baby shower I didn't want to attend. This is the day I start my period. It's like the universe wants to give me an extra "screw you". I'm over this, I don't know how to continue this journey. Best of luck to all of you wonderful ladies. I just know your time will come. Xoxo.