Umbilical Cord complications

Melinda • I'm a 29 yr old, & engaged, I had B/G twins born 7/30/15 @ 33 wks. I also have a son 8 & daughter 6 yrs old ❤️
This is my 3rd pregnancy, I have two kids, & am 16 week 2 days pregnant with twins. At my last ultrasound they doctor said babies looked good, but that baby A's cord inseration was in the wrong membrane, & that I would need a ultrasound every 4 weeks to monitor her growth, baby B's cord is good. The doctor didn't tell me what this is called, I see the doctor Monday,  and will be asking for more Info about it. I did some googling, & only one I found sounded like what it might be, velamentous inseration. Has anyone else had this happen, or know anything about it? I'm worried about baby A's growth, & serious complications. Anyone?