This is so depressing

Ok so I know my husband and I haven't been trying for nearly as long as some of u ladies on here...we've only been trying since Christmas so I'm sorry maybe I don't have the right to be depressed about this yet. I stopped my pill in cycle has been somewhere between 29-31 days since I stopped my pill. This month we used the ovulation tests..I a currently one day late so for ahits and giggles I took a test this morning and got a bfn...but still no af...I'm having a ton of symptoms and I've had two kids before last one 7 years ago so I'd like to think I haven't forgotten what it feels like. But something inside me is saying there's something going on. This past Tuesday when I thought it may be on its way I passed a snotty like substance. I've had slight cramps...fatigue..very moody...breasts feel achy and heavy...all mimic period symptoms I know. Ugh u just feel like your world is over when u get a bfn..does anyone have any suggestions for me ?