Weird thing

Ichigo • I have one daughter. I'm also pregnant with my second. Unmarried.
So yesterday I found out my daughter's father's step sister (maybe I should say my baby's aunt...) is pregnant. She's 19. She's had an abortion before. I'm pro-choice so I didn't really have any objection when she said she's getting one for this one. My issue is that I had the most selfish awful thought when I found out. I actually hoped she would get one so I wouldn't have to share my baby's stuff with her. I immediately felt like a horrible monster. So now, I feel like poo. Of course when she confirmed it, I felt a mixture of relief and objection because I don't necessarily like abortion, just didn't speak on my objection because her family is already helping me, and it just wouldn't be right to try and press my beliefs on them. Plus again, her choice. Am I a horrible person for being partially glad that she's having an abortion. No I'm not posting this anonymous because I'm real and have nothing to hide.