Counsling centers

I had 3 miscarrages last year, and one this year. I managed to go to the councling center at my univercity
They helped me develop some strategies to heal after MC.
I am glad I went threre.
One strategy was to put people in diffrent catagories: 
1-cross overs< the ones that hurt you even with out planning to<< they usually say the wrong thing at the wrong time.
2- suporter<< who you depends on to ask them to do somthing for you. For example you cant get out of bed but you need some to bring your orther child from school.
3- listners<< people who you can speak for ever but they dont judje or harm، they just lesten
4- people that you should have fun with<< go bowling, party any activity that you like.
We all should know that after MC we need to rest our body and try to relax and take a good care of ourselves.
Good days are coming and we shoud invest in them, and bad days will be coming too, but we have to at least take care.
Going to the center helpd me so much. I only went 2-3 times but it took me out of mu fog world to the real one. I wish i know about them since my first MC
This time i feel stronger, and i am using the stratigies.