Calling All Cat Lover / Pet Lover Mommies

Can any of you please post that link to the article that tells you " why pets are good for children " i'm not sure exactly what it was called but I need it. 
Both my grandma and MIL think that having my baby around our kittens will cause the baby to have 
asthma -__-  I am seriously tired of this BS . my MIL is not really a big deal anymore because we don't live with her anymore but we now live with my grandmother while we get up on our feet . Our baby isn't here yet my due date is in less than 3 weeks but there's a problem, since they don't have any rooms in their house we are living in the back , the garage is taken by one of my uncles so they built a lil room next to the garage . Okay so during the day our kittens love being outside since our back yard is so pretty like a garden well anyways , when it gets dark we bring them inside (they sleep with us ) . 
and well, my grandma and mom share the biggest room in the house but my grandma kept offering her room to us (since my husband is not comfortable sleeping in the same room as them and so arent I ) she says her and my mom will sleep in the living room however , my husband and I refuse to take their room like come on now my grandma is like 75 . 
When we said no my grandma then said that I'm going to have to sleep with them in their room and that my husband can sleep in our room in the back . I REFUSE to sleep apart from my husband ! Especially since he always talks about helping me with our baby and be apart of this new experience . Keep in mind he doesnt know my grandma wants me to sleep apart from him. Well anyways , whether they like it or not i'm going to keep my baby in my husband and I's room in the back. Why would I want my baby and I to be in a different room from him ? thats like if were not living together and what's the point of that I mean were married . 
It's MY baby . I understand they have concerns but it's my kid and what I say goes . 
I know it's going to cause an argument and she will also be concerned that my kittens might jump in the babys bassinet and scratch her but 2 of our kittens are still really small and our big kitten I doubt he will hurt her , i'll keep an eye on them just incase . my baby can be in their house during the day but during the night she will be with my husband and I NO EXCEPTIONS.