Should I take him back?

So I'm 20 and my boyfriends 45 ..well ex boyfriend now he has 3 kids 18,15,8 and he's still married.. But they are seperated.. He lives by himself but there just seems to be no sign of divorce (he even told me its because it costs a lot of money to get divorced) anyway he broke up with me like 3weeks ago and called me again after 2 days and now yesterday leaving work he gave me a note breaking up with me again saying to give him some AGAIN to figure out what he's doing to see if he's guna stay with his wife or not! Like you broke up with me twice to see if you can fix your marriage and he wrote don't call or text me please I need to figure this out it hurts me to see my kids living like this. But I did text him and I said I'm done even if you don't fix it I'm done and he said he's really sorry and he just loves me too and cares about me too and he sorry he's hurting me and he is a really nice and caring guy I feel really bad for him but  i just can't anymore his 3 kids (i've never met them being together for 10 months) just annoy me our plans get canceled sooo much because his kids and I told him it's ok don't worry anymore about me so just focus on them and he never replied and last time he broke up with me he cried. But I mean he said to give him some time but I don't know this time 

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