When did you tell work you're pregnant?


I'm expecting my second baby this December. I'm only 4weeks and 5days so I have awhile before I actually plan on telling my boss.

However, I am very nervous about it. My first pregnancy, my boss cut my hours down from 30hours a week to 2hours a weeks after telling him I was pregnant. When I asked for more hours and why the drastic cut, he would tell me there weren't and hours to give. Yet, he hired 2more people. I ended up having to quit.

I've been at my current job for almost 2years now, (I work for a rubber mill) and hours are mandatory 40+, so thankfully I won't have to worry about a cut this time. I am nervous though about them finding a stupid reason to fire me due to the fact.

So ladies, when did you tell your boss and how? Did they take ot well? Did you lose your job or were you forced to quit due to a drastic hour cut? My SO tells me not to worry, but it's just so hard too. My friend just lost her job soon after telling her boss she was pregnant and in the process of talking with a lawyer.