Abnormal discharge

So I had sex with my boyfriend last on the 28th of March and he withdrew (we perform the withdrawal method correctly), then he left to go back home (it's a long distance relationship). My discharge isn't usually heavy and it's more creamy than anything. But today my discharge looked like it came out in a glop and was very sticky like a giant clear-ish colored sticky booger😷I know TMI. But I'm scared that I may be pregnant, and I'm always paranoid that I am pregnant after I have sex because I'm a "what if" person, but do you think I may be pregant? I would say I'm ovulating because today is the peak of the fertile window and I feel ovulating cramps, but the only thing preventing me from assuming so is just the fact that I've never had such a heavy amount or sticky type discharge like this before. Please let me know your opinions on this ladies thank you☺️😳