Learn to take friendly advice

Nira • Wifey.Mommy.Happy
Why do people suck at taking any kind of advice from anyone these days??  Like someone I am perfectly nice and friendly to posted her "diet" for the next 2 months that consists of...
Breakfast: juice, yogurt, 2 boiled eggs 
Lunch: raw fruits and veggies 
Dinner: boiled chicken with rice and veggies
And this girl does hardcore workouts daily... She was posting it so other people can copy her.  I simply said that perhaps she should include servings sizes because based off an average serving of all these things... After working out, calorie intake would be 1000 or less... 
So instead of being like "oh yeah maybe I should" she flips out and her friend starts flipping out like I'm "judging and attacking her"
THIS IS THE REASON I don't point out people who do stuff with their kids that are dangerous.  Like yeah, I know your 2 year old is barely buckled in her car seat and the chest clip is on her pelvic bone, and if you get in a accident your child is going to fly through the windshield..... BUT OF COURSE NO WANTS TO HEAR ADVICE FROM ANYONE, even if the person means well and just wants to help. 
UGH. I love getting advice from people and learning new things.  Why can't other people be that way?

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