Loosing Weight Normal ?

In the 3rd trimester ? I'm almost 38 weeks . I'm asking because last time I went to the doctor they said I gained 4 pounds in a week 😔 when the week before that I had only gained 1 well anyways i've kind of been trying not to eat fast food or soda and i've been walking with my husband a lil but I feel like i've still eaten food that will make me gain weight like pasta and bread and stuff , I also had a soda yesterday and some juice . 
Well , I weighed myself on friday and it said I weighed 3 pounds less than when I had gone to the doctor and this morning i'm down 6 pounds , as much as I wish that was right I believe that scale is wrong ! How is it possible to lose 6 pounds in a week ? 😳 TMI but maybe because i've been pooping more than usual lately . 
As long as I didn't gain any weight i'm happy 

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