So I'm 35 weeks pregnant moved 4 hours from my home town for my husbands work (country town) . Found out I was pregnant a month after moving here. 
Could not get work which was super annoying because I'm so persistent and going from 12 hour days to nothing was horrible!! 
I'm feeling so trapped at home everyday with no car so I can't go see my family/friends unless my husband is with me or on the weekend. 
Feeling insecure about the baby weight because I used to be 52kg and currently I'm 75kg!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus comments like your looking big lately doesn't make me feel beautiful! Duh I'm flipping pregnant.
Had an argument tonight which was over nothing!! Then he comes up with stuff like oh with the 1000 hours being at home you should do it or you wanted this for years (baby) and makes me feel like he would prefer me to work or that he doesn't want this. Throws things up in my face and my response is well I would love to go to work and support myself. 
Feeling super trapped and lonely - feels like I've lost my independence and I've been spending most nights lately crying, not sleeping and trying to sleep in another room,  plus to try and get a good sleep.
When we are ok he says he loves me so much and I know he does and we are fine, it just makes me feel like taking a step back from this when he makes comments and makes me feel that way. 
Do you think I will still feel "trapped" once I've had the baby?