Pregnant? Help please!


Hi ladies

I need your opinions. I had spotting pink and brown on March 23 and 25 with heavy sore breasts, cramping, low back pain. I thought I have to be pregnant I have a 7 yr old and that is the only other time that my breasts have gotten heavy and fuller. March 26th I got what I am thinking is my period 4 days earlier than its supposed to come but I am irregular. This period had one medium day bust rest were pretty light never filling a pad. It lasted 5 days when my periods usually lasts 6-7. All this time all the way up to today I still have the same symptoms but adding a couple times of being nauseous. Also terrible gas, headaches, tinge pain ,fatigue and bloating which I never get. I took a pregnancy test on April 3rd and got a BFN. What do you guys think ?? I have a doc appt coming up but its not until the 16th.