single mothers

i feel so sad and alone i dont know why i feel like i cant love this baby boybin my womb im hurt but i feel like hes father doesnt love me hes father never calls me to see him anymore since i got pregnant hes changed sometimes he says he will call he never does i was thinking of giving my baby to hes father i want him to be happy the baby i want to love him i try but i cant i want whats best for him the feeling of him kicking is what makes me smile i dream and think of my baby everyday but i feel like giving him away if i cant love him i dont want to give him an unhappy life i got pregnant by a one day stand i just met him i didnt know this guy well i wish i would have known he was like this i thought he was sweet i thought he was funny and truly loved me hes exited and sounds like he really loves him but he doesnt even come to my house or hasnt wanted to meet my family i saw hes mom when i was going to hes house she doesnt like me she hasnt even once talked to me about the pregnancy or my family in 6 monthes she doesnt care about me she hates me and dislikes me i dont know why i dont know what i ever did to her i know its not my babies fault and that he didnt ask to come to this world or me or hes dad to be hes parents give me your opinion.

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