Help I want to see a doctor!!!🏩😷

Will I want to ask a doctor to check me. To see if everything was normal Down there. To be able to get pregnant!! I have two kids and have been Ttc for 2 years. My sons are 4 and 5. But how do I ask? How do I explain it to the lady who make the appointment? How do I tell the lady at the front desk I want appointment because they don't let you see a doctor first until after you tell them. what you want I don't know the word for it so I'm hoping you guys could give me a hand on what should I say. Or how to say it. What doctor to see my regular doctor ? I need help !! This will be the first time am asking for help from a doctor. With the first 2 it was easy tryed for 6 months and with the 2nd one 3 months.... Thank you so much for your guy response..

Baby Dust for all of you!! 👣👣