Weight loss/pcos/ttc/sex

So more and more lately I've been beating myself up about my weight. I can't get pregnant, I have pcos, I've been taking clomid, but I'm not ovulating! I was getting intimate with my so tonight and I just felt disgusting, I feel too heavy! I'm trying to lose weight but with work it's hard! I'm on my feet all day running and walking around, seeing as I work in a very busy restaurant, so I am very active! I don't eat much but when I do it's not the healthiest choice because I'm getting out of work late, so I just whip up something.. I need a diet plan, one that's not so expensive and difficult! I want to or should I say I have to lose 50 pounds! I'm never going to have a child if I don't lose weight! I'm so ready for a lifestyle change! Anyone know any good diet tricks that will help with weight loss, quick and healthy!