Mother in law

Okay so my husband and I just got married April 30th 2015 it was also our two year anniversary. My father in law and I get along pretty well but my mother in law not so much she hasn't liked me since my husband and I started dating I have bent over backwards for her approval and it hasn't happened. The day we got married she looked miserable didn't speak to me at all and shortly after our reception had began they left as my husband and I were going through our wedding gifts we noticed his older brother and wife didn't get us anything not even a card BUT his own parents did the same thing it's not about the gifts believe it's not but I am so hurt that they wouldn't even get us a card. Do you think I should say anything to them? For their older sons wedding they paid for the reception got them a hotel room for the night for the youngest son they rented the hall for the babyshower my husband oldest brother got married in Feb my husband's youngest brother had a baby shower in march and we got married in April there's a lot more to this but do u think we should say something to his parents?