I'm dating a Mexican and it's different

I'm not racist or anything so please don't take this the wrong way. I'm dating a Mexican but his lifestyle is way different than mines. It's like his family and him go play sports all the time but they can't sit in the house without finding work every day. He's busy all the time with his brother. The first time I visited his house lunch was different... they hardly eat what we eat it's mostly Mexican. I'm not trying to push anything wrong towards him when he's a wonderful guy so I keep my wonders to myself is there anything I should know about a Mexican? He stay busy a lot even when I'm there. He's also in the army. He said he doesn't have time for college. Do Mexicans get really busy every hour? I'm sorry for all the questions but he's amazing and very interesting. Today is Sunday and they don't go to church they go to this festivity place. He also has this Pakastani look. I never dated a Mexican before please don't scream at me. he still go to parties and clubs but with the family it's very different. They speak fully Spanish. I felt like an odd ball. It's very interesting so im hoping to learn more