26 wks & still do not know gender!!

Cyndi • I am married to a truly amazing man who I am proud to call my husband and best friend. We are expecting our 1st baby!
Hate my dr! Had our last ultrasound at 18 weeks n dr refused to anymore ultrasounds right now bc he said the baby is fine and he's not doing another ultrasound just to find out the gender! Is this crazy or what?!?! Has this happened to anyone else? This is our first baby. We are so excited. We want to start putting together the nursery, planning the shower, etc. kinda impossible when u don't know what ur having. Needless to say, I was so mad I switched drs! We go to this new dr tomorrow. Do you think I will get an ultrasound? As a new patient, I surly hope so. I just want to know!!