Ovulation test pick up HCG?

This cycle I was getting frustrated because we have been trying for 7 months to get pregnant. I decided to not buy any pregnancy tests and not think about it. We used conceive plus for the first time this cycle though. According to ovulation tests I ovulated when I normally do. Which would make me a day or two late for my period. I thought it was weird I wasn't having my usual PMS the week encore my period starts. Just figured this cycle was being a little nice to me. But for the past 4 or 5 days my cm has been so watery and tons. It feels like I'm peeing my pants and it's just cm. I finally decided maybe it's time to test. Like I said I didn't buy any pregnancy tests this cycle. All I have are ovulation tests. I've seen many things saying ovulation tests will pick up HCG, so I figured to just take a test. It instantly came up VERY positive. Way darker than the control line. So I'm either ovulating 2 weeks late or I'm pregnant. My question is, have you taken an ovulation test when pregnant and had it come up positive? I'll be taking a HPT when I go to the store later. 

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