When to do a nursery!

courtney🌻 • 21. Lucas Michael & Liam Scott - 9.25.15
I'm 14 weeks with twins and I'd like to start a nursery here soon. Nothing HUGE but at least get the crib in there. I will be put on bed rest after my cerclage at 20ish weeks and I want to make sure everything is where I want it to be you know? We're not painting the walls, we just had the whole house painted. The nursery is a light grey and we're doing yellow and grey chevron style everything else lol. 
My mom seems to think I should wait until 30 weeks but I feel like I'm going to be HUGE. I'm already measuring 21 weeks (my uterus) and I'm only 14. 
Any other mamas want to get the nursery done early? Any twin mamas have any advice for when to start my nursery? 
That's kind of what we want to do!