Brainstorming new controversy topics

Jessa • Unofficial nomad. Aspiring midwife. Fierce lover of naps.
Alright, friends. Let's brainstorm some new topics to debate about. Debating is such a great way to learn, defending your beliefs either strengthens them or shows you that you're not as strong in your beliefs as previously though. BUT debating the same topics over and over again is not productive.
These topics are beat up, they're dead. Lifeless. Let's try to pick topics OTHER THAN:
(Of course there are more, but these are the most frustrating ones)
Now, let's think of some new topics we can talk about. Go ahead and throw out some new ideas that can help to spark creativity when people are making new topics. Comment with one word, a sentence, a phrase... Anything that can get the brain going. Maybe you've been thinking of a controversial topic for a while, but you just haven't posted it yet, comment with it here.
Ready? Go.