Is your hubby always on the same page with ttc? (kind of long)


My husband and I have been ttc for just under a year. I have an appt scheduled for me with an OBGYN at the end of the month if we aren't pregnant just to check things over and make sure there isn't anything wrong.

My husband is always very supportive and talks me through it and tells me we'll do whatever it takes to have kids. We don't really talk about ttc though unless I bring it up. We were talking about it and I said maybe we should buy one of those fertility kits that check both female and male and he agreed before we go spend a bunch of money at the doctor it would be a good idea. So we got it last week and I did mine and it came out good. He has yet to do his. We just have to have sex with a condom and then you test the sperm with the kit. It's no big deal but he keeps making excuses why we can't have sex. Too tired, worn out, etc and now we haven't had sex in over a week, which is not normal for us.

I wasn't thinking too much into it until today when we've been talking about going on a trip out of the country in the fall. He mentioned maybe we should stop ttc for 6 months so I could really enjoy it when we went (drink, not be hugely pregnant, etc) but I rarely drink as it is.

I'm just really worried that he's changed his mind and doesn't want to come right out and tell me because I want this to happen so badly right now.

Is your husband always as into ttc as you are? Does he vocalize it to you or how does he deal with ttc for so long? Maybe I am just over thinking all of this :/