Chlyamidia Diagnosis

Hi all
For several weeks now I've had an infection that I thought was either thrush or BV. I've been getting thrush on and off since I was a baby myself so I didn't think much of it. But last time I saw a different doctor and she wanted to do a whole lot of tests to make sure it was that. Today she calls and tells me I've got chlyamidia. 
I'm really horrified. The tests at the beginning of my pregnancy didn't show it. Could it be a false reading? There's a lot of talk on Babycentre from people with false positives.
I have not been with anyone else for literally years and I know husband hasn't. I was told an ex boyfriend had it about 8 years ago but I got tested at the time (it was negative) but they treat you anyway so even if I did have it that should have got rid of it.
I just feel so upset and confused and worried this will damage my relationship. It's a horrible thing to overshadow such a happy time :(