11 weeks to go..

Amy • George Westlake, born July 10. Weight: 6lbs 9ozs. He is perfect! Now for the next part of this amazing journey.. 🌻💙
Im so happy that I only have 11
Weeks left cause I'm really feeling it now! 29 weeks today and I feel full to the absolute brim!!! Honestly I'm getting so fed up. I feel like my stomach is about to burst (I know I'm not huge) but it feels so full. His kicks are getting more and more powerful and I just feel uncomfortable ALL of the time! I had terrible morning sickness at the beginning and then after that went the middle of my pregnancy was amazing and now I find myself feeling like I did when I was suffering from morning sickness; Fed up and Sad and feeling bad because of this!! :( Is anyone else feeling like this? Or am I compeltly alone?! Haha! Ahh the third trimester, hey! 😊🌻 (p.s. Excuse my spotty Minnie Mouse pyjamas! 🙈)