Nurses Week! 💊💉 May 6th - 12th


I love celebrating Nurses Week because I'm so passionate about my career so happy nurses week to all you amazing nurses! You can make a difference and be a blessing to so many people everyday. Don't ever take that for granted. It's not always an easy job, we bring life into this world, care for people when they're weak, and comfort a dying patient. That's what makes you so special.. if it was easy, anyone would do it.


I think Cinnabon is giving free cinnamon buns, you get 30% off at New York and company, and Dunkin Donuts is giving free ice coffee to nurses May 6th - 12th. That's all the freebies that I know of. Enjoy! 💕💜 You deserve it!

Anyone else know of other freebies for nurses week?