Samantha • Married for 4+ years (9/22/12) Hoping for our miracle soon!
Hi there, lovely ladies! I need some opinions. I finished my second round of Clomiphene on April 26th. On May 4th I saw some very light pinkish/sorta brownish spotting, but it only lasted through the evening. I didn't see any spotting yesterday or today. I'm wondering if this was implantation bleeding???? I go for a blood test (needed to have one anyway to test Progesterone levels to see if Clomiphene made me ovulate this time at 100mg. 50mg did nothing!) on May 11th, and they're sending me an order for both Progesterone and pregnancy to be tested! Would a blood test show positive for pregnancy one week after my potential "implantation bleed?" When should I take a HPT? I guess I'm in a TWW if I actually did ovulate this time. I have been having some light cramps every now and then, I felt extremely tired this morning despite getting a little over 8 hours of sleep, I'm bloated like crazy, and I get small bursts of nausea at times. Thoughts?? Thanks ladies! 😁 Hopefully this is it, after well over a year of trying! Baby Dust to all!