So my fiance and i had intercourse on saturday. My period just ended that same day. My ovulation window open yesterday and im a bit scared im pregnant. I took a pregnancy test a few days before my period and it was negative and my period lasted 4 days. Ive had nausea the past 3 days, im tired all the time, i mean i could sleep for 8 hours and still be extremely tired after that. I could take a nap for three hours and im still tired. Ive been having major back pains and cramps like my period cramps but i just got off my period. The rest is TMI if you dont want to finish reading..

I woke up this morning needing to pee. There was a bit of burning sensation which i though could be a bladder infection. But it stopped shortly after it started. Then i come home from work today and i take off my underwear and i have alot of creamy white discharge like ive never seen so much in my whole life... my breast have been extra tender too... im afraid to take another test because i dont want to be disappointed... does anyone else think i might be pregnant?