So pissed!

Sooo I have been sitting here feeding my daughter since 9:30 pm! Currently it's 1:38 am and I'm still feeding her. This night makes me wanna kill myself. I have been having a hard time getting her to latch and stay latched. She pulls off as even has flattened my nipples . I am in excruciating pain n have been crying for hours now. My husband told me that I was losing patience with the baby so I needed to give her to him. He was right. However, he makes me feel so badly when IM so over breast feeding. To me it's not worth me getting angry, upset, frustrated with my daughter. He even makes me feel like I'm a wuss for wanting to give her a bottle. I haven't yet but I was 5 seconds away from giving her one tonite. I seriously want to say screw this. It's not worth me feeling like this anymore even though the benefits are good for her. Is pumping that much different ?