Having an emotional breakdown... Momma rant


I have two kids already. One is 7 and one is almost 2. I'm 18 weeks with baby number three. My fiance is the father of my second and third kids.

I haven't had the slightest chance to enjoy this pregnancy. I have hyperemesis gravidarum. I'm always sick. My ex husband came after me for child support on our 7 year old right after he found out I was pregnant a few months ago, and then he dropped her off on my door step. Turns out child protective services made him bring her here. She is a wild child. He never paid any attention to her and she is used to running hog wild, so she is a constant hand full. (She was NOT like this before our divorce). Now my almost 2 year old is acting just like her. My fiance has been doing a wonderful job of holding the couch down and watching TV while I struggle with the kids. So I have to juggle 2 wild kids and throwing up constantly. I'm so overly exhausted that by bed time I can't even sleep. Some days I can send my 7 year old to my fiance's sisters house, and she behaves like an angel there. But no one is willing to watch Miss almost 2. Now don't get me wrong, she can be sweet as sugar when she wants to be, but she loves to throw herself down on top of me and kick me in the abdomen... Repeatedly. And ass whoopings don't bother her at all.

But today I am just in tears. Miss 7 is wild. Miss almost 2 is wild. Miss almost 2 came out of her bedroom soaking wet. She found her sister's glass of milk (which is not supposed to be outside of the kitchen) and either she poured it on herself or her sister poured it on her. So I was left bathing Miss almost 2, cleaning a bedroom floor, and doing another load of laundry because Miss almost 2 threw her bath towel in the toilet which Miss 7 hadn't flushed (3rd load just for today).

Where is my white flag? I surrender!