Feeling unsafe and uncomfortable

Sorry it's a long story. 
Just so you know I love with my bf and his mom and I live in Bakersfield away from everyone I know. on Sunday we had a barbecue at his house and everything was going great and my bf's uncle and his aunt had a lil to much to drink and they started fighting with my bf's mom and then his uncles son started to fight with his mom but my bf stop it before it got out of hand but everything heated up cuz everyone saw his mom husband do a drug deal in front of the house and beware there's little kids at this party so everyone wanted to fight him but my bf's mom was defended him and it got out hand and the cops were called and they took his uncle and then after wards my bf went after his mom husband but again his mom was defending him and all I asked his mom was why she was defending someone like that who doesn't even care for her and she got in my face. I'm only 22 and I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant. She's like 47. And I told her that if her husband is still around her house then I'm not gonna bring my son around her house. Cuz they both do drugs and I wouldn't my son near that. I wasn't even yelling at her I was giving her a choice and she responded by saying that she doesn't care if she ever meets him. So that did it for me my mother in law was basically dead in my eyes. And this morning she comes up to me and my bf and tells us that we have to move out as soon as possible cuz she doesn't want to see the baby. And she was gonna make my life impossible especially since I'm here alone with my dog in our room my bf works all day so I'm scared and Even feel unsafe to walk to the kitchen and get myself food or something to drink. I just want to know if it was wrong of me to tell her that she can't see her grandson if her tweaker husband was still living with her? And what do I do I feel alone and unsafe. And I feel unsafe for my dog. I feel like her and her husband are gonna do something to my baby or do something to my dog.