Tough decision

I had a miscarriage on March 27 at 8 weeks. My husband & I are the only ones that know of our pregnancy & miscarriage. The pregnancy had been perfect. It only took 2 months of TTC. The timing was perfect. I would have maternity leave over Christmas & start my clinical rotation in January. But life happened & suddenly everything changed. Now all my plans have to change. I decided to try for 2 cycles after the miscarriage. Now, I'm not pregnant & I have to decide what is best for our family right now. I've decided to stop TTC until next year. I don't want to deliver in the middle of my clinicals, which will be all of next year. I hate that I had to make this decision but I know it is what's best. Sorry this is so long... I just needed to get it off my chest. Good luck & baby dust to all of those TTC! Everyone here has provided much support, which I needed since my husband is the only person I have talked to about this.