Boss smoking in car...

Sorry this is a bit long. 
So I often get a lift to town with my boss and my hubby picks me up there (we only have 1 car at the moment)
My boss smokes and he sometimes has a cig in the car while we drive tho I do complain (but I didn't used to really care so I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy lol) 
He knows that we're going to be ttc soon but obv not the timeline or that I'm actually pregnant!
He straight up asked me after he smoked a few drags if I'm pregnant yet.  I lied and shook my head no and he said ok well it doesn't matter then. (Actually that's rather rude I suppose. If a non smoker doesn't want you to smoke in the car with them it's not super cool to be like, sorry for you) 
So I opened the window completely and breathed out it but still think I breathed in a little smoke here and there 😕😐
ANYWAY, I debated telling him bc I know he definitely would never do it then. But I think it's too early to tell people at work - I want to at least hear the HB first and tell our families. And I think he won't be able to keep it to himself (and while my office is small, my company is big and i'm not ready for everyone to know) we haven't even told our parents yet, just my sister and hubby's best friend. 
What do you think I should do?

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