Nursery Color Scheme Help

BeautyMommy • I love my family

Okay Girls, let's put those creative minds to use, shall we.

I've uploaded several photos below of 7 different color schemes I'm choosing from to paint the nursery. I'm not very artistic so my mind gets a little scrambled when it comes to projects like these. Basically I'm going for a gender neutral theme that will still look good after the baby gets older and this (possibly) turns into just a guest or spare room. Let me know what you gals think, what you like, what you would do, and any other inputs or suggestions. Thanks!!

All themes are with 3 colors except for #8. This is 2 colors(yellow and green) with two shades of green I'm trying to pick from.

#6 could be three or two. I've considered taking out the pale blue and just going with yellow and red.

#2(rabbits garden green) and #3 (garden patch green) are also the same color scheme each depicting a different shade of green. I wasn't sure which I like best.

#4 is a close up of these same two shades of green to give a truer color. We all know how colors tend to get washed out on camera.