Stepmom support

I'm a stepmom of a rather rambuxious 5 year old little boy. I love him to pieces but it can be so difficult being in my situation. I have no other children but my husband and I have been trying for going on 8 months. He is rather spoiled simply bc he is a child of divorce. Before I came along, there was hardly any boundaries and little progress for doing the basic necessities of growing up such as dressing himself, manners, showering alone, sleeping alone, wiping himself, eating meals and then simply acting out bc he didn't get what he wanted. This are greatly improving and I'm extremely stubborn and determined to see him succeed and be a good boy. I hear people say a lot what a difference 8 months has made.   I just feel alone in my struggle a lot of days bc I don't know other step parents. Can anyone out there offer support?