Metronidazole: Bad side effects

Afternoon everybody.

I apologize in advance if I make any grammar mistakes.

I had my first smear in november last year, I was 18 years old. This year a doctor saw the results and told me I had an infection. I really didn't ask why and now I don't know. She gave me metronidazole, I had to take 6 pills (oral) in one day, and now I have to use a vaginal tablet each night for 12 nights. The application is really uncomfortable for me. Made me cry last night (I'm very sensitive down there). Besides that, I'm having awful nausea, I have lost my appetite (more than I usually do, because I don't eat very much), and my mouth gets kind of dry and tastes awful. Drinking water makes me feel worse. And I don't wanna eat.

Have you taken metronidazole before? How do you deal with this side effects? I'm feeling really bad right now. :(