So confused 😔 can anyone help?

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This is my first time tracking bbt and opks, cm, cp...the whole nine yards.  I have a pretty regular 24-25 day cycle since going off bc in October last year.  I just have some questions that I seem to end up more confused about whenever I try to find the answers.
1).  When tracking bbt, is ovulation shown by a dip in temp?  I only just started chatting 6 days ago but caught it in time I think.  I had a dip on cd14 (and +opk the next day) and a consistent rise ever since but Glow says my ovulation was two days after the dip despite feeling ovulation cramps the day before.
2).  Since my positive opk on cd15 I have still been getting extremely positive opks now on cd17.  I know they say to stop testing after the first one but I thought by continuing to check I could see when my surge was over.  Will an opk still be positive even after ovulation or Does this mean I still haven't ovulated?  I have had creamy unfertile cm and lower, harder cervix today. I am mostly concerned as this means my luteal phase would be maybe 8 days if AF comes as she always has in the past! 😔. Just not sure what to think with the opks as I didn't expect to still be getting positives today.
I hope this isn't too annoying as I'm
Sure these questions get asked a lot but I get so stressed out and even more confused trying to google my questions!
I really appreciate any input ladies!!! 💝💝💝