Not sure when I miscarried

Jordan • Eliana Rose ♡ 03/24
I would've been 11w2d today and I went in for my first scan, and nothing was seen.. I had a confirmed pregnancy via hpt(my doctor considered mine a positive) and when I finally got around to going, there was nothing seen but my levels were dropping or almost gone, not sure specifically of that or what happened, but this is my second in 2 year. Exactly 1 year apart. They're running a bunch of tests to check out my infertility issues/lack of period and she's giving me medication to start it back up.. Was diagnosed with pcos last year when I miscarried and my cysts are now gone, and my new doxtor thinks it could be an overall hormone imbalance rather than just the hormones associated with pcos, so we'll see.. But I guess no cysts is a good thing for when I finally start ttc again