Stretch marks and the SO

Taryn • Married to the most amazing man in the world! :) Trying to conceive our first baby. His 3rd & my 1st - Currently on Clomid 50mg - PCOS affects my fertility - Liberty University- Ultra Conservative Right Wing Republican- Trump Train
So like most ladies I have stretch marks. Not bad ones, you can just start to see them where I let myself go and gained about 30 pounds due to a surgery that kept me off my feet for several months and getting a new job and moving, and basically stress in general. My SO seems to make it a point to point them out at every chance he gets. It makes me so self co that I don't want to be naked around him. Honestly it makes me wonder what it will be like to be pregnant around him. He will probably point them out then. How should I dress this with him? I am now eating better and started to the gym this week but he just points them out all the time and I'm tired of it