C section vs vaginal labor

I did not know the getting a C Section was the new "in thing" to do!! My friends think I'm crazy for having my baby vaginal. I just assumed that that's the way it's supposed to be!! I thought c sections were only for emergency. But little did I know, women are paying and scheduling to have them to opt out of the pain of vaginal & because they don't want anything "down there" changing. Wtf??? This is crazy!! My friend is due in October 8th  and she scheduled her c section for October 3rd because she refused to put her body through labor and she doesn't want to mess anything up. 4 other girls I know did it for the same reason. I have kind of distanced myself from these people. My husband is an attorney and I've met a lot of stuck up snooty women through men he does business with so naturally I have become friends with their wives. But I grew up dirt poor and had a terrible childhood. I don't even have shit in common with these women who all are materialistic & a bit shallow. Has anyone else experienced this???